Lighting is a crucial part of the work environment which contributes to both well-being and work efficiency. We help professional workplaces to improve task efficiency and employee comfort. BrainLit systems are also compatible with other systems, such as A/V-, ventilation and heating systems.

Fluorescent lighting systems are still the most prevalent sources of illumination in offices. By their physical nature they don’t provide the wavelengths necessary to entrain the daily rhythm that is needed to synchronize the sleep/wake rhythm with the solar day. There is opportunities in using lighting to help motivate employees and improve their wellbeing. The mimicked daylight in BioCentric Lighting is customized for the needs of staff and businesses. In an environment of natural light, staff members feel better, see higher levels of concentration and find it easier to focus on tasks. Proper lighting ergonomics reduce tension in eyes, neck, and shoulders, and has been shown to ease headaches for some customers. 

Improve working memory

Light can positively affect cognitive working memory after certain light exposure. In a study with healthy participants exposure of 30 min of blue (469 nm) light but not amber (578 nm) light had a beneficial effect on short term memory when tested after the light exposure¹. A similar study discovered increased activity in the prefrontal cortex in the brain as examined with functional magnetic resonance imaging. Those exposed to blue light had a quicker task response time².

Higher employee comfort

Lighting plays a key role in helping to create an efficient office environment to ensure that employees reach their full potential. Lighting within a room influences our state of mood and lighting environments must create con- ditions that motivates and promotes wellbeing. Furthermore, adequate lighting is associated with a feeling of happiness. Blue-toned white light has shown a direct subjective mood enhancing effect³ and when adults rate their mood, it is the blue light that is given the highest mood scores⁴. 

Area adaptability

BioCentric Lighting supports an efficient use of office space. Standard settings allow the light to change dynamically in a day-like manner. The system allows for high levels of adaptability. For example, conference rooms can include different settings based on the activities. A more intense light with higher CCT can be used for brainstorming sessions and a lower intensity light can be used during presentations. Light can help optimize the experience of the working environment in all areas of the office. 

Ensure comfortable working environments for employees in corporate and home offices.

– After having experienced BioCentric Lighting™ there is no way for me to go back to the conventional indoor lighting.

- Eeva Hayashi, Head of Business & Partner Development, SONY Corporation


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