Energizing high-performers.

Lighting in office environments has traditionally focused on ergonomics and visual function, but light is not only for vision. In the retina, a sub-population of cells play an important function in synchronizing the body and its natural circadian rhythm with the solar day. Humans have individual light exposure needs to synchronize their circadian rhythm, which makes healthy office lighting important.

Office lighting by BrainLit
Office lounge with Biocentric lighting

Lighting to optimize your day.

Biocentric lighting delivers the right type of light at the right time of day to help you sustain your natural circadian rhythm. In an environment with mimicked daylight, staff members feel better, see higher levels of concentration and find it easier to focus on tasks¹,². Proper lighting ergonomics reduce tension in eyes, neck, and shoulders, and has been shown to ease headaches for some customers. 

Office lounge with Biocentric lighting

Benefits of Biocentric lighting

"Now, our office space is like one big dynamic light shower. We are all much more alert and feel better."
“In the workplace of the future, Biocentric lighting feels like a given."
"I’m here in the office more than ever, the level of energy is so high in this place that I immediately feel more active myself."
Carl-Henric Nilsson
CEO of Kunskapspartner

Employee wellness

With Biocentric lighting, employers can feel confident in supporting staff well-being and comfort whilst at work. Read more about the benefits of Biocentric lighting.

Area adaptability

With Biocentric lighting solutions, the light can be adapted to different activities throughout the day, for  conference rooms and meetings.


Create the ultimate work environment for employees. Alven can be placed in the office or home workplace, entirely installation-free and easy to operate.

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