Disinfection lighting

Disinfection lighting by BrainLit

For safer environments

The world we live in is uncertain and the recent pandemic has highlighted the fact that viruses and bacteria can live both in the air and on surfaces and thereby spread and affect our health. As we learn to live with these infection outbreaks there is demand for an efficient way to disinfect frequently visited public spaces to protect people from harmful patogens.

Using our knowledge and experience in lighting we have developed a unique system that uses UVC lighting to quickly, safely and automatically disinfect both air and surfaces to create a safe and healthy environment

Disinfection lighting by BrainLit


UVEN is a fully automated disinfection solution that inactivates viruses and bacteria in well-visited environments. An advanced safety system using radar and infrared sensors identifies that the area is unoccupied. The system then automatically engages a disinfection sequence to eliminate any pathogens from both the air and surfaces.

UVen Disinfection lighting by BrainLit