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Light that is yours.

BrainLit Alven is the world’s first personal, connected and free-standing BioCentric Lighting™ system. It delivers dynamic, personal lighting to support health and well-being. 

The different light settings of BrainLit Alven can be used throughout the day to maintain an individual’s natural circadian rhythm, to receive an energy boost before an important meeting, or to unwind towards the end of a busy day.

Key features

Alven home office setup

How does it work?

By dynamically adjusting its color temperature anywhere between cold white (6500K) to warm white (2700K), BrainLit Alven transforms the ambience of its surroundings while promoting personal circadian alignment.

The AutoLit recipe provides optimal light conditions for aligning your circadian rhythm. The light conditions can be further adjusted through the BrainLit app or online portal.

What makes BrainLit Alven different?

BrainLit Alven delivers the same BioCentric Lighting™ performance as our networked solutions, just in a free-standing form. Instead of installing a full BioCentric Lighting™ system in a room, you can assemble and plug in Alven on your own and immediately receive the benefits of BioCentric Lighting™.

BrainLit Alven home office
BrainLit Alven in elderly care

Who can use BrainLit Alven?

BrainLit Alven™ is a multi-user system, so multiple employees can create accounts, download the BrainLit app, and enjoy the benefit of BioCentric Lighting™ by checking in or checking out of the system.

BrainLit Alven in elderly care
"Both Oura and Garmin show measurable results! Both my sleep score and readiness score are improving, and so is my performance. So, it is not just “smart light” it is a completely new way to look at lighting as a performance improving tool."
Sari Kola
Entrepreneur & Author

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