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BrainLit Alven is the world’s first personal, connected and free-standing BioCentric Lighting™ system. It instantly alters the emotional character of its environment and delivers a more natural light to its user. Regardless of your industry, Alven helps synchronize your daylight needs and supports beneficial health outcomes.






Deliver a better start to the day for both patients and staff through lighting that supports better sleep, higher alertness, and increased cognitive performance.


Provide personal, optimal lighting for your staff throughout the day wherever they are working from, increasing engagement and well-being.


Help your guests recover from jetlag and get the most out of their events by placing Alven in reception areas, guest rooms, and conference or meeting areas.


Energize your athletes and optimize their performance by placing Alven in key areas of your training grounds and facilities.

Light as you need it want it know it

Light affects all species on earth, especially humans. Evolution has made the natural variation of light essential for humankind, a need that hasn’t changed despite the changes in human behaviour. 

Today most people spend 21 out of the day’s 24 hours indoors, exposed to static and insufficient light. There are many well-documented negative consequences stemming from exposure to poor light and how the lack of daylight affects our biology. These were the premises that led to the start of BrainLit and the invention of BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL). 

BrainLit’s BioCentric lighting™ System creates an optimal natural lighting environment, with proper variations of light intensity and color at the right time of the day, to synchronize the body’s circadian rhythm and the production of the necessary hormones (e.g., cortisol and melatonin) to keep your body system in balance. 

Alven light settings

BrainLit Alven delivers light in the form of recipes and scenes. Recipes are dynamic light settings with varying levels of light intensity and color, while scenes are more static and intended for shorter time periods. 


The AutoLit recipe with 100% intensity is the default setting that best helps you maintain your circadian rhythm


Boost increases your alertness and stimulates your cortisol levels, giving you a refreshing effect.


Relax creates a natural light environment that feels more neutral to your eyes but does not change dynamically.


For example, you wake up one morning but feel a bit slow. This would be an optimal time to use the Boost scene for a short time to energize you for the day ahead.

In the afternoon when you want a break, the Relax scene can be manually activated to create a calmer ambience for a short period of time.

We recommend using AutoLit with 100% intensity during the majority of the day to maintain synchronization with your circadian rhythm.