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Our vision: Improving life with BioCentric Lighting™

Humans have evolved over thousands of years, spending most of our time outdoors up until the most recent generations. Today, most humans spend up to 90% of our time indoors, but standard indoor lighting does not meet our biological light exposure needs. 

BrainLit addresses this need through a patented solution called BioCentric Lighting™, which simulates the important aspects of daylight to help you sustain a healthy circadian rhythm. 

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Who we are

Based in Lund, Sweden, BrainLit has mastered the science of simulating the important aspects of daylight indoors to improve the health, cognitive performance, and sleep of people. The company was founded in 2012 by Tord Wingren, one of the inventors of Bluetooth technology.

To date, the company has established BioCentric Lighting™ environments for customers with thousands of employees all over the world. 

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What we do

BrainLit’s business is based on a deep understanding of light’s impact on human physiology. Our goal is to set the global standard for healthy lighting. Our expertise lies in designing light recipes and innovative lighting solutions, which when delivered through BrainLit-approved controls and luminaires, bring health and value to our users. 

BrainLit owns the intellectual property rights for the personalization of light environments based on user feedback. 


We value building meaningful relationships with our customers, helping them maximize the benefit of BioCentric Lighting™ for their employees and customers. 

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We work with partners world-wide to deliver BioCentric Lighting™ environments for customers across various geographic markets and business segments. 

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