Daylight indoors.

Improve health and well-being with the right light.

BrainLit Alven

Plug in BrainLit Alven on your own and enjoy immediate benefits of BioCentric Lighting™.

Reclaim your natural rhythm.

The human sleep/wake cycle has evolved according to the solar day. Due to our modern lifestyle, we seldom wake up and go to sleep in accordance with sunrise and sunset. Humans feel and perform at our best when we are as closely aligned with the natural rhythm of the day as possible.

Forehead - Portrait -m-
Forehead - Portrait -m-
Hand in sun

Light affects us visually, emotionally and biologically.

Without light, there is no life. Light has a significant effect on biological functions and our daily routines, and is central to our well-being. Exposure to daylight affects our sleep quality, efficiency, alertness and similar other important factors for our health.  

Hand in sun

Bring daylight indoors.

Spending a few hours in the early day outdoors helps support a healthy circadian rhythm. Despite this, today we spend the majority of our time indoors. BioCentric LightingTM considers the most important aspects of daylight throughout the 24-hour cycle and dynamically changes over the course of the day.

"During the morning and office hours, I was more energic and productive. During the nights, I was getting more sound and restful sleep."
Eeva Hayashi
Head of Business & Partner Development, SONY

Experience the difference.

BrainLit ceiling panel

Light for every environment

BrainLit Elven is a fixed installation system which promotes well-being using BioCentric Lighting™, in any professional environment. 

BrainLit Alven home office

Light that is yours

BrainLit Alven is a plug and play system, delivering BioCentric Lighting™. Enjoy the light as is or use our app to control the light.

Ceiling luminaire Balder

A solution to fit your need.

BrainLit’s patented BioCentric Lighting™ system includes luminaires, drivers, sensors, and algorithm-based light recipes. BrainLit luminaires are designed to provide light for health with all luminaires providing a very wide range of circadian impact.

Ceiling luminaire Balder