BioCentric Lighting™

BioCentric Lighting™ is based on a deep understanding of human physiology.

Light affects all species on earth, especially humans. Evolution has made natural variation of light essential for mankind, a need that hasn’t changed despite our changed behaviors. BioCentric Lighting™ is a system which can address circadian alignment by synchronizing our biological needs with solar time.

Individuals have different biological needs

Individuals have different biological needs with regard to lighting environment. Various situations demand different lighting conditions. BioCentric Lighting™ systems include algorithm based recipes, light recipes, which are being developed to meet the needs of different users. Today, our light environments can be adapted to environments and activities.

Benefits of BioCentric Lighting™

What's the difference between HCL and BCL?

There is no one standard for Human Centric Lighting. Every provider has its own definition for how it delivers HCL.

In tunable white luminaires, circadian metrics are rarely the primary design parameter. Instead, the color temperature is the focus. Color temperature alone, does not determine the impact on the circadian system.

With our specifications, BrainLit ensures that we always deliver light with a wider range of circadian impact.


Daylight mimicking ✓

standardised ✕

Wide circadian impact ✕




Daylight mimicking ✓

Specified standard ✓

Wide circadian impact ✓


Feedback-driven ✓

Ceiling luminaire Balder

Luminaires that help deliver health and well-being

BrainLit luminaires are designed to provide light for health with all luminaires providing a very wide range of circadian impact.

Ceiling luminaire Balder

BioCentric Lighting™ solutions

Adaptable light to fulfill the biological need for each day, throughout life.

With BioCentric Lighting™ we simulate the most important aspects of daylight that influence your health and well-being, including wavelength, intensity, direction, timing and duration. Our lighting environments can help you sustain a natural synchronization of your circadian rhythm. 


BioCentric Lighting™ system solutions are conveniently scaleable. BrainLit Elven system is scalable and works equally well in a single room as in an entire building, compound or network.


BrainLit’s standard ASK panel luminaire delivers a circadian stimulus that is even slightly higher than natural daylight (at the same illuminance level). All other BrainLit luminaires are on par with natural daylight.


Installation of our easy-to-maintain lighting is simple. BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ System isn’t tied to one specific protocol, interface or means of communication. It’s easy to install and thus minimally disruptive to business. 

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