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We are proud to work with a handful of partners which help us sell, deliver and install BrainLit solutions. Learn more about our partners by clicking on their logos.

Ecophon is the leading supplier of acoustic solutions. For more than 50 years, Ecophon has been on a mission to spread awareness of the importance of creating indoor environments that resemble what we experience in nature. Ecophon provides innovative sound-absorbing solutions that make it possible to achieve indoor acoustic comfort, helping people to work, learn, heal and relax.

Together we share a common goal; to provide better indoor environments and wellbeing for humans. 

BrainLit is proud to partner with Ecophon. Sound and light are vital for human health and wellbeing, affecting our productivity, sleep and much more. Today most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, in environments not suitable for our biological needs. Indoors, we are exposed to insufficient and static light environments and uncomfortable sound environments. Together, BrainLit and Ecophon bring the outdoors in to provide better indoor environments for humans. 

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