Hospitality is about making guests comfortable and energized in an relaxed atmosphere, for private or professional purposes. Lighting is an important factor in hotel receptions and conference centres to create ambiance or secure navigation in room settings, lounges and customer interaction hubs.

Lighting can be used to maintain a beneficial relationship with visitors and clients. Varying needs bring a demand of high quality lighting which cater to visual, emotional and biological needs. BioCentric Lighting™ is a game changer in effectively handling all three of these dimensions of light. Interest in lighting which affects our biology is rapidly increasing, due to more and more people realizing the potential in using light to enhance alertness, cognitive performance and the sleep/wake cycle. 

Adaptable environments

Our BCL System supports an efficient use of space. Standard settings allow the light to change dynamically in a day-like manner with high levels of adaptability. Whether a BCL system is installed in conference rooms or reception areas, the light can be adapted to fit specific activites and promote well-being through use of different light settings throughout the day. For example, relax scenes can be used in a lounge setting to help guests wind down.

Beneficial meeting spaces

Light can positively affect cognitive working memory after certain light exposure. In a study with healthy participants, exposure of 30 min of blue (469 nm) but not amber light (578 nm) had a beneficial effect on reaction times and short term memory, when tested 30 min after the light exposure. This improved cognitive performance was also accompanied by an increased activity in the prefrontal cortex in the brain, as examined with functional magnetic resonance imaging¹.

Mood and comfort

Lighting plays a key role in creating a comfortable environment. It influences our mood, establish conditions that motivates us and promotes wellbeing. Adequate lighting is associated with a feeling of happiness. Blue toned white light has shown a direct subjective mood enhancing effect² and when adults rate their mood, it is the blue light that is given the highest mood scores³. BCL can simultaneously enhance the guest experience and increase comfort for staff.

Different light settings of BCL in a conference room.


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