The Uven™ system combines logic and sensor data that make it possible to operate both BioCentric Lighting™ and UV-C functionality (the UV disinfection capability) in the same place. The system safely disinfects unoccupied areas using UV-C light but recognized activity through motion sensors and switches to standard BioCentric Lighting™ when approached. The Uven system uses Elven components to acheive a fully BioCentric environment.



Based on the components of BrainLit Elven™, with added UV-C functionality, BrainLit Uven™ is a scalable system which can be used in most public spaces such as hospitals, elevators, shared offices and public transport.


BrainLit Uven™ utilizes sensors to recognize activity in any room and automatically switches back to healthy BioCentric Lighting™ in an instant. This ensures that users of the system can enjoy their day without any disruption.


UV-C lighting is part of the BrainLit Uven™ system where it is used to disinfect contaminated surfaces on a large scale. By combining this with BCL technology, regularly sanitized spaces can be ensured to increase safety for everyone.