BrainLit is Sweden’s most innovative lighting technology company. BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ system is an advanced, feedback-driven, self-learning system that creates natural light environments via a globally unique software patent. Indoor lighting is configured to mimic natural daylight using sensor-driven, LED lighting that is controlled by our software.


BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environment solutions were founded by the entrepreneurship of Tord Wingren and his fascination with the impact that light conditions can have on human and animal health. The idea was further developed by a team of researchers, including Klas Sjöberg, head physician and chairman of BrainLit’s scientific advisory board. The first patent was submitted in 2012, the same year BrainLit AB was founded. Today, BrainLit holds five patent portfolios and is the leading lighting technology company in Sweden. The current rate of expansion is rapid and our light environments are operating throughout Sweden, with a global roll-out expected imminently.

  • 2012

    BrainLit is founded by Tord Wingren who submits the first patent, the system patent, and becomes its first chairman of the board and CEO.

  • 2013

    Tord Wingren presents lectures of the BrainLit vision at exhibitions and conferences. Vinnova approves the company’s joint application with Lund University for ICT-lighting, which becomes the first company project with revenue. BrainLit’s first patent is registered, in the US.

  • 2014

    Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded for the invention of blue light diodes, which enables white LED light. BrainLit joins the Swedish Energy Agency in a project collaborating with a scientist team led by Thorbjörn Laike.

  • 2015

    Peter K Andersson succeeds Tord Wingren as CEO. Jimmy Landin, Truls Löwgren and Dan Löfgren joins BrainLit which then has five employees. The company locates on the 16th floor of Ideon Gateway in Lund, Sweden. BrainLit's first scientific board is formed with Klas Sjöberg as its chairman.

  • 2016

    Innovation Skåne and Hotel Skansen in Båstad become BrainLit's first customers. A study showing significant improvements in sleeping patterns of students in BioCentric Lighting™ is published by students Karin Ljungström and Stina Eriksson at Lund University.

  • 2017

    Nobel Prize in Physiology is awarded to the discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm. BrainLit organizes lectures around the science which relates to the BCL system. BrainLit's project at the Neonatal Ward at Helsingborgs Hospital becomes public. Bert Nordberg joins as member of the board and succeeds Tord Wingren as the chairman of the company. The property owners of Medicon Village in Lund place a large volume order of BCL.

  • 2018

    Mats Leifland becomes chairman of the board. A commercial advisory board is formed with Bert Nordberg as chairman. SIGMA Connectivity orders BioCentric Lighting™. BrainLit moves its offices to Medicon Village.

  • 2019

    Niclas Olsson becomes CEO of BrainLit. BrainLit's largest issue of shares is signed at 109 MSEK. With orders from the Swedish embassy in Hong Kong, Sony, Swedbank and SOS Alarm, BrainLit's customer list is growing. BrainLit sets up an affiliate in the US. BrainLit moves its offices to the top floor of The Spark in Medicon Village.

  • 2020

    A study is published by scientists at The Technical University of Denmark which proves a substantial improvement of students study results in mathematics, when spending time in BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™. 


The continuous commitment and involvement by BrainLit’s team furthers the development of great light environments for human health and well-being. The team has extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in technology and medicine related to the importance of daylight for prosperity and efficiency. By integrated cooperation with our scientific advisory board, we can guarantee that the latest research is synchronized with our system and that our customers always have access to the best light environment solution. We know that our BioCentric Lighting™ system makes a quick and noticeable difference in many lives. We are proud of our light environments and put great emphasis on delivering quality products, services and support to all our customers.

Niclas Olsson

Peter K Andersson

Tord Wingren

Truls Löwgren
CTO Head of Light Technologies

Kristian Storm
CTO Systems & Software

Cast the world in better light.

Scientific Advisory Board

Increasing amounts of research reiterate the importance of daylight for our health, well-being, and efficiency. BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ system meets the highest quality demands and is continuously developed in cooperation with our scientific advisory board, whose field expertise lies in advanced technological and medicinal research. Team BrainLit and the scientific advisory board meet every sixth week to remain up-to-date and answer any questions relating to the continuous development of the system. Intermittent contact is maintained between board members and the CTO/Head of Product Development at all other times.

Klas Sjöberg
Chairman of the Board

Consultant and Associate Professor at the Gastro Clinic at Skåne University Hospital. Read more.

Thorbjörn Laike

Professor of Environmental Psychology at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University.
Read more.

Lennart Minthon

Professor at Lund University, MultiPark: Multidisciplinary research on Alzheimer’s disease. Founder of ”Minneskliniken”. Co-founder of companies focusing on dementia care.

Lars Samuelson

Professor of Semiconductor Electronics at Lund University. Awarded the “Einstein Professorship” by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Appointed Fellow of the American Physical Society.
Read more.

Madeleine Selvander

Ophthalmologist, PhD, MSci. Former senior consultant at Skåne University Hospital. Head of private ophthalmology clinic.

Commercial Advisory Board

Bert Nordberg
Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board of Vestas and TDC. Board Member of
Vårdinnovation, Essity, SCA and SAAB. Co-founder of Sigma

Anders Runevad

Advisor to Chairman and CEO of Vestas. Chairman of the Board of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. Board Member of Schneider Electric and Nilfisk.

Magnus Mandersson

Chairman of the Board of Next Biometrics, Karnov Group and Tampnet. Board Member of Interogo (IKEA), InterIkea Systems and Albertimmo S.A.