Driving change within the lighting industry, supplying light for health as opposed to traditional light for sight, we take pride in acting responsibly in everything we do, helping customers improving their businesses in sustainable ways.

We agree with United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also referred to as Agenda 2030), following a set of guidelines to help us act in sustainable ways when it comes to the social, economic and climate aspects of creating growth in responsible ways.

The quality of our relationships and engagement with our stakeholders is critical. Directly or indirectly, we will together with our customers affect what happens to employees, workers in the value chain. Our continuous and proactive management of the impact we have on our customers and their employees and customers, and their local communities, is our passion guiding us in our daily operation.

At the same time, actions to achieve social sustainability may also unlock new markets, help retain and attract business partners, and be the source for innovation for new product or service lines. Internal morale and employee engagement may rise, while productivity, risk management and company-community conflict improve.

Our efforts

  • Improving energy efficiency in products and systems we sell generating savings for both our customers and the climate. One way to achieve this is to keep improving our luminaires, being energy efficient but also delivering high output beyond the expected life span of 50,000 hours, thanks to premium quality of their components.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by use of less and more climate friendly material in what we sell together with how its being produced, packed and transported. Ways of achieving this is to increase the number of drivers in each package to reduce packaging together with incoming deliveries by train when possible to keep freight emissions low.

  • Saving energy in how we run our operations by efficient use of office and warehouse spacing, traveling and entertaining customers. One way to achieve this is to work with partners using their existing channels to sell, distribute and install our system and products worldwide.
  • Following our Code of Conduct, requiring our supply chain partners to demonstrate similar standards in their operations, providing innovative connected solutions that protect the privacy and data security of our customers, and continuing to operate with the leadership of a diverse team that is all measured by success.

  • Increasing associate engagement by contributing to charitable activities, continuing to drive our focus on health and safety, and improving development and recognition opportunities. One way of handling the security focus in conjunction with virus issues is to encourage homework and having routines supported by a technical platform enabling meetings over the internet.

  • Since we are a young and fairly small company, taking pride in acting responsibly since day one, setting quantitative goals would be inefficient. Instead, we aim at keeping on implementing and improving ways of working in order to further evolve our and our customers sustainable footprint.