Breakthrough for BrainLit in North America

Swedish company BrainLit is making a rapid breakthrough in the North American market with several important orders, supplying market leaders with its patented BioCentric Lighting solution. The system, which recreates the qualities of natural light indoors, has in only a few weeks been commissioned by several major companies. 

Among these companies are: a $3B major healthcare company, one of the leading retailers in US with over 1,000 outlets and several sales integrators including Doeren Sales in Minnesota and Reliable Lighting in Alberta Canada. BrainLit has also created an experience zone at the global HQ of Cosentini Associates, a Tetra Tech Company anda leading building system, consulting & engineering company.

BioCentric Lighting is the solution developed by BrainLit to address the critical lack of access to natural light and corresponding circadian rhythms disruption, which in the long run makes indoor work detrimental to our health. The system recreates the required dimensions of natural light like intensity and spectra, among others, in order to stimulate our biology throughout the course of the day. Several studies show that dynamic light improves sleep and thus decreasing the risk of serious health conditions over time.

– We consider North America as one of our primary markets and to be successful in the US is key for us. Our vision is to improve the overall quality of life for the users of BioCentric lighting and these orders not only encourage us, but also provide us with important references to get closer to our vision, says BrainLit CEO Niclas Möttus Olsson.

Based in Lund, Sweden, BrainLit is since 2019 also established in New York City. The sales office serves all of North America, directly or through integrators. Every workday, more than 15.000 employees all over the world enjoy the light system. By nature, most of the customers are hitherto located in Scandinavia, for example the neonatal ward of the Helsingborg Hospital, SOS Alarm’s emergency center in Stockholm and the KHL ice hockey team Jokerit in Finland. However, installations are rapidly growing in Scandinavia as well as in the US.

For more information, please contact: 

Niclas M. Olsson, CEO of BrainLit, 

Tel: +46 720 255 263


About BrainLit 

BrainLit was founded in 2012 in Lund by Tord Wingren, one of the inventors of the Bluetooth technology. The company provides healthy environments by recreating daylight and personally adapted light indoors (BioCentric Lighting™). To date, the company has established BioCentric environments for more than 15.000 employees of customers all over the world. BrainLit is strongly focusing on growth, today engaging 25 employees in Lund with subsidiaries in New York and Helsinki. BioCentric Lighting™ is the basis of the company’s solution, resting on firmly established research and based on a number of patent groups. To improve life for people with BioCentric Lighting is the long-term objective for BrainLit.

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