Finnish Sports Academy Vierumäki


Finnish Sports College in Vierumäki is a meeting place for fitness enthusiasts, top athletes, coaching students and coaches. Its high-quality sports facilities, accommodation services, restaurants and conference facilities are tuned to create conditions conducive to well-being and performance for different user groups.

Exercise, nutrition and rest

In accordance with its new strategy, the Finnish Sports College will focus on its original mission: to produce and develop services at the international level in education, sports and top sports. To support this task, we want to provide customers with good conditions, ie sports facilities for various sports, high-quality and versatile restaurant services and accommodation services that promote well-being. Over the next five years, Vierumäki will invest EUR 15-20 million in the development of real estate and services in the area.

Researched differentiation factor

BrainLit’s lighting plays an important role as part of Vierumäki’s space solutions. Its BrainLit Elven solutions illuminates training, coaching and meeting spaces. Their goal is to improve the well-being of fitness enthusiasts and top athletes and to promote the mood and learning outcomes of those who train to become coaches. The user experience is positive: the BrainLit wellness light is perceived as pleasant, promoting vigor, performance and general well-being.

The Finnish Sports Academy is also BrainLit’s research laboratory. On its premises is the University of Helsinkiand Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciencesstudied the long-term impact of BrainLit well-being lighting at Lund University. This provides validated research data to support the further development of the solution.

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