BrainLit expands to Asia

BrainLit has started its journey towards an international expansion through their installation at the Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong. BrainLit’s innovative BioCentric Lighting™ was installed and put into practice during March 2019. ‘We decided to install the BioCentric Lighting™ as a way to increase the wellbeing of our staff and have a lighting system that is more environmentally sustainable’ says Helena Storm, Counsel General of Sweden in Hong Kong.

‘We know that our lighting has positive and documented impacts on the general well-being since we’ve documented our installed base in Sweden’ says BrainLit’s CEO, Niclas Olsson. ‘Through our well renowned scientific board, we also have good faith that the light will have a positive effect and hold back a number of diseases which mainly are due to misalignment of the biological clocks’. 

Today many spend 21 of 24 hours – or more – indoor and are exposed to the old-fashioned linear lighting solutions, that work against our natural pace of life, i.e. the circadian rhythm. ‘That is why we’re so excited about our solution that can revolutionize the industry. Thanks to the Swedish Consulate General the lighting solution we offer will be demonstrated to a global audience in Hong Kong’ adds Niclas Olsson. ‘The staff at the Consulate seems very happy with the new lighting system’ concludes Helena Storm.