BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environment solutions are energy efficient, sustainable and require minimum levels of maintenance. The intelligent light solution consists of a control system, sensors, and luminaires, which makes installation easy and minimally disruptive to businesses. Our naturally recreated daylight is easily customized to daily activities by placing a touch screen or a keypad where necessary.

Energy efficient, sustainable and maintenance free.


BrainLit’s AutoLit-recipes maintain the indoor light automatically. Each recipe can be customized in accordance with personal and commercial needs. Each distinct light source can be individually controlled to optimize lighting within the room. Our BioCentric Lighting™ automatically alters throughout the day, controlled by our AutoLit- recipes, but can also be easily adjusted using a keypad, touch screen or via our app.

Constantly evolving

BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environments are under development in cooperation with our scientific advisory board. That allows our systems to align with the latest technological and medicinal research. Updated research in light is integrated into our lighting systems, allowing BrainLit to become a world leader in light environment solutions for human well-being.

LED Luminaires

Our LED luminaires are specifically optimized for BrainLit’s natural light environments and work together with our AutoLit-recipes. The luminaires create personalized light by adapting to the layout of the location and the need for the business. Each light source can be individually controlled. For example, separate “light islands” can be created within larger spaces to match the requirements of smaller groups and their differing activities.


BrainLit’s light environments use sensors to control and recreate natural daylight indoors. The sensors are also compatible with other systems, such as AV-, ventilation, or heating systems.


A comprehensive light measurement of the location is made before any installation. That allows us to understand and optimize the light environment for all needs. Our unique solution consists of a control system, sensors, and luminaires, with the installation of the complete system done conveniently with minimal disruption to your business.


Before installing our products, we provide educational training for all those who intend to work within the light environment. A second training session takes place after the lighting system is installed and operational. We are happy to complete follow-up evaluations of the newly installed light environment and make any adjustments if need arises.

The Range

Our BioCentric Lighting solutions are easy to maintain and designed to fit different activities. The range consists of technologically advanced luminaries suited to different environments such as professional workplaces or individual wellness facilities. The technology allows you to respond to changing demands in lighting requirements or design without replacing fixtures.


BCL Ceiling Panel

The BrainLit Ask is a dynamic LED ceiling panel that brings brightness to any room. It instantly alters the emotional experience of a space. By dynamically adjusting its color temperature anywhere between ice cold white (7300K) to warm white (2700K), you can transform the ambience of a room and promote the circadian alignment. The BrainLit Ask luminaire has exceptional color rendering, while dimming smoothly down to 0.1 %. Ask is an adaptable luminaire that suits healthcare facilities, conference rooms or classrooms.

LED color temperature: 7300K~2700K


BCL Surface Mount Round

The BrainLit Saga is a surface mount, dynamic LED luminaire. Its color temperature can be dynamically changed to anywhere between cold white (6500K) to warm white (2700K). The BrainLit Saga luminaire dims smoothly and flicker free down to 0.1 %. Saga comes in three sizes and is also available as a pendant or recessed, which makes it easy to customize according to need. Saga suits environments such as lounges, luxury room settings or hotel receptions.

LED color temperature: 6500K~2700K


BCL Tracklight

The BrainLit Idun is a powerful yet discrete, tiltable, dynamic, LED track light that brings life and contrast to any room. It provides balance to the emotional experience of a space. At maximum power Idun provides 2200lm and dims smoothly and flicker free down to 0.1 %. Idun is optimal to combine with other luminaries to create a seamless lighting environment. Idun suits environments where flexible and directed light is needed, such as office spaces.

LED color temperature: 6500K~2700K


BCL Tracklight

The BrainLit Ymer is another powerful and tiltable dynamic LED track light. It is a great alternative to Idun and can be used in similar environments. With its slightly smaller diameter, Ymer is a very adaptable luminaire as it can be implemented in smaller spaces and detailed lighting requirements.

LED color temperature: 6500K~2700K


BCL Recessed Spot

The BrainLit Freja is a discrete, recessed LED spot light that brings life to any room. At max power it provides 3000lm and dims smoothly and flicker free down to 0.1 %. Freja can be used alongside other BrainLit luminaries, such as Ask, or simply on its own depending on the environment. Freja is a timeless and multi-purpose luminaire.

LED color temperature: 6500K~2700K


BCL Recessed Spot

The BrainLit Tyr is a medium sized powerful dynamic LED spotlight. It is a great alternative to Freja and can be used in similar environments.

LED color temperature: 6500K~2700K

Optimal light conditions for every activity

Easy to use in any scale

BrainLit’s environments with BioCentric Lighting™ are based on a lighting system that is patented. Optimal light conditions for each activity is stored in a library of light environments. All components of BrainLit’s light system meets the highest quality demands in all aspects. We make sure that our light system works seamlessly and that we excel in parameters that are particularly important for the experience of our light environments.

With respect to light sources, we pinpoint dimming control, color rendering and color accuracy as the parameters to excel in, to create the most appealing light environments. All luminaires we use in our systems have a CRI well above 90 in the full CCT range. The dimming mechanism is dynamic and acts according to the optimal principles throughout the dimming range to create the best possible experience.

On a system level, we create a robust solution that works equally well in a two-person office as it does for an entire office building, factory or hospital. Our system is self-sustained and rarely needs input from the user, with the exception of special requests. When you need to tweak something, we provide user- friendly, intuitive interfaces in the format that suits you best.

Smooth dimming

Flicker-free down to 0.1%

Wide color-temperature range