Christina Bengtsson partners with BrainLit for a focused and healthy future

Christina Bengtsson

Introducing Christina Bengtsson: A former military officer, a world champion precision shooter, an acclaimed author, a thought leader, and a passionate friend of Biocentric lighting. With a mission to Reclaim Focus®, Christina aims to unveil the potential of a focused mind and inspire the revival of this innate ability both within individuals and throughout society. The Biocentric lighting provides energy, and that energy motivates people’s consciousness towards constructive and healthy actions in their everyday lives, and that is fantastic!

Christina’s extraordinary journey, from her idyllic childhood in the Swedish countryside to the pinnacle of achievement, revealed profound truths: Decisions hold immense power, time is a precious resource, and the art of focus is crucial. Christina knew from personal experience; through more than 20,000 hours of practice, and countless failures, it all came down to one essential element – focus. Even though it may seem entirely obvious that focus is required to achieve goals, it is a significant challenge today. As our modern world continually competes for our attention, a deliberate commitment is needed to maintain concentration and focus.

About Christina

“As I transitioned from the worlds of sports and the military, I encountered an environment lacking these qualities. I stepped into a realm where short-term fixes, fragmented thinking, attention addiction, and time scarcity had become the norm,” she reflects.

Christina Bengtsson group talks

A lecturer with a clear goal
Today, Christina’s captivating lectures resonate with audiences globally, from prestigious TEDx stages to international business schools and major corporations. Her goal is clear: the more individuals grasp the value of a focused mindset, the healthier our world becomes. The ability to focus—resisting impulses, exercising self-discipline, managing attention, and maintaining cognitive control—will undoubtedly be one of the most vital skills for the future, especially in a world continuously competing for our attention.

Uniting for a global mission
Christina thinks and acts on a grand scale. Currently, several prominent organizations are uniting in support of her global mission to instill focus in a fractured world. Together, they are dedicated to safeguarding cognitive and emotional potential and nurturing the aspirations of younger generations, fostering growth in line with human potential. They aim to enhance awareness of the significance of focus through thorough research, in-depth analysis, and educational initiatives. Their unwavering commitment lies in preserving and enhancing the world’s capacity to focus, for the betterment of its inhabitants, and transitioning from a collective haze to a united focus. 

Biocentric Lighting and Human Acuity
For over a year, Christina has embraced Biocentric lighting, recognizing its undeniable impact on human acuity. She discerns that a stabilized circadian rhythm makes a substantial difference. While she advocates for outdoor activities and exposure to natural light, she acknowledges that Biocentric lighting admirably fills the gap when such experiences are not feasible. Furthermore, she emphasizes that this lighting not only bestows energy but also ignites a drive within people to engage in constructive and healthy endeavors, enriching their daily lives in remarkable ways.

“Regrettably,” Christina reveals, “I experienced a severe injury on June 1st, 2022, leading to hospitalization and several months of rehabilitation. This ordeal reinforced my belief in the essential role of Biocentric lighting (and circadian rhythm) within healthcare and rehabilitation settings.”

Christina Bengtsson in nature

Partnering with BrainLit for a focused future
Christina Bengtsson’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of focus and the significance of environments conducive to it. Her partnership with BrainLit underscores the potential of Biocentric lighting to nurture wellness and productivity, as well as its ability to shape a brighter, more focused future.

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