Canadian Premier League upgrades HQ with BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting

BrainLit installation at the Canadian Premier League HQ

Canada’s largest professional soccer league continues to be a leader in performance innovation, incorporating BrainLit’s patented BioCentric lighting technology into their recently renovated Headquarters.

NEW YORK, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BrainLit North America Inc, the leader in delivering BioCentric lighting, and the Canadian Premier League, Canada’s Tier 1 domestic men’s soccer league, are proud to announce the installation of BioCentric light at CPL headquarters, offering a world-class, health-enhancing workplace for the league’s staff and visitors.

With a passion for scientific rigor, BrainLit has developed BioCentric lighting to replicate the “perfect light day,” every day, in any indoor environment, to boost performance, promote recovery, and strengthen sleep, the preeminent pillar of health. The CPL believes the addition of BrainLit’s BioCentric lighting technology is an important performance and wellness enhancement in its office.

BioCentric lighting has been proven to improve human performance within a short duration of exposure. For example, BrainLit user data shows a 15% improvement in deep sleep, a 9% jump in general readiness, and an average 11.8% increase in cognitive performance.

“BioCentric Light has meaningfully enhanced the lighting quality of our HQ, and I personally have felt its healthy impact,” said Mark Noonan, Commissioner Canadian Premier League, and CEO Canadian Soccer Business. “There is beauty in a Canadian winter, but the days can also be short and dark. With BrainLit, the effect of the winter gloom is much less taxing.”

“BrainLit is proud to add the Canadian Premier League to our global customer base of organizations benefiting from the performance-enhancing properties of BioCentric lighting,” said Kyle Harris, CEO of BrainLit, North America. “The CPL is innovative and quickly understood the power of BioCentric lighting to deliver better focus, greater energy, faster recovery, and deeper sleep across their organization. We look forward to working across the league as we expand our Canadian footprint helping many more teams, both athletic and commercial, to enhance the health and wellness of their workspaces with BioCentric lighting.”

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About BrainLit
BrainLit has mastered the science of simulating the important aspects of daylight indoors for the health and wellbeing of people. The company was founded by Tord Wingren, one of the inventors of Bluetooth technology in 2012. To date, BrainLit has established BioCentric lighting environments for customers with tens of thousands of employees all over the world.

BrainLit is addressing the chronic light deficit most people are operating within modern day life by designing and delivering BioCentric lighting environments across facilities in athletics, healthcare, education, hospitality, office, retail, and others. Today, more than 30,000 people live, work, learn, perform, or recover in BioCentric lighting environments, including world-class organizations such as the Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland, the New York Institute of Technology, EY, Sony, Sacramento Kings, and the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs.

About Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League (CPL), Canada’s Tier 1 domestic men’s soccer league, is committed to its mission of providing opportunities for Canadian players to showcase their abilities on home soil and to gain prominence on the global soccer scene. A link between the amateur and professional games in the country, the CPL develops homegrown talent in support of the growth of Canadian soccer domestically and internationally. The CPL is proud to bring high-quality, professional soccer to communities from coast to coast, partnering with strong ownership groups, world-class corporate partners and passionate supporters to build a league Canadians can proudly support on and off the field. The CPL, which entered its milestone fifth season in 2023, plays in Concacaf and FIFA sanctioned competitions. For more updates and information, please visit

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