Kundpartner Syd is named Cleaning Company of the Year 2023 

Årets städföretag 2023

We congratulate our partner and reseller Kundpartner Syd, for being awarded Cleaning Company of the Year 2023. 

The motivation from the jury was: The company has been among the top three finalists for the past two years, with no surprise. Always putting their employees first, Kundpartner has also distinguished themselves by focusing on the connection between a healthier work environment and their cleaning and disinfection services. Their trademark concept “Healthy Work Environment” demonstrates how the physical environment can increase employee well-being, based on factors such as indoor air, cleanliness, lighting, ergonomics, and social areas. The concept is part of the company’s success story. 

As part of the “Healthy Work Environment” concept, Kundpartner Syd offers BrainLit’s Biocentric lighting and the disinfection system UVEN. Biocentric lighting supports health, sleep and energy levels amongst employees. UVEN automatically deactivates viruses and bacteria in shared bathrooms, which leads to lower infection rates in the workplace and, as a result, fewer sick absences. 

“We are happy and proud of the award; it feels like a reward for our hard work! We are at the forefront of development and innovation and how we manage our customers and staff. Our mission with our cleaning is to make our customers healthier. That’s why we’re working to move cleaning away from purchasing and instead make it an HR and work environment issue. In this way, we are moving the industry forward,” says Peter Rehnström, CEO, Kundpartner Syd. 

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