Sehlhall Fastigheter tests groundbreaking technology to reduce infection spread in healthcare facilities


BrainLit AB, a global leading provider of healthy circadian lighting, is proud to announce that Sehlhall, Sweden’s foremost developer and owner of sustainable social infrastructure, is a pilot customer for BrainLit’s revolutionary disinfection system. The system, known as UVEN, combines lighting and automated disinfection in a compact, easily installed fully autonomous overhead unit. The collaboration between BrainLit and Sehlhall signifies a significant stride towards creating safer and more hygienic environments in communal spaces.

BrainLit’s UVEN harnesses groundbreaking technology to deliver efficient and automatic disinfection solutions. By utilizing the properties of UVC light, it effectively deactivates bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in both air and on surfaces. This innovative technology ensures healthy environments through precise and consistent disinfection while minimizing the need for manual labor.

Sehlhall focuses on creating and managing modern, secure, and sustainable care properties with a human-centered approach. By exploring the potential of BrainLit’s UVEN technology, Sehlhall aims to offer a solution to further reduce infection risks for residents, staff, and visitors.

“We believe that investments in advanced technology are crucial to providing a healthy, safe, and clean environment in our care properties. BrainLit’s UVEN technology aligns well with our commitment to innovation and security. We look forward to seeing the benefits it can bring to our care facilities,” says Dan T. Sehlberg, CEO of Sehlhall.

BrainLit remains committed to revolutionizing the lighting industry by merging cutting-edge technology and scientific research to create sustainable and healthy environments. The pilot project with Sehlhall marks another milestone in the development of innovative solutions for a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment.

“We at Brainlit are thrilled to join forces with Sehlhall in their quest to deploy groundbreaking disinfection solutions and market leading innovation. UVEN stands as the future in automated disinfection, and this partnership showcases the effectiveness and versatility of our pioneering technology and Sehlhall’s commitment to safety.” explains Kyle Harris, CEO of BrainLit.

Sehlhall will now use and analyze UVEN’s performance in various environments and scenarios across its properties, starting with its headquarters in Stockholm. BrainLit has established close cooperation with Sehlhall’s staff to ensure seamless integration and optimal utilization of the system.

UVEN has been validated through rigorous testing at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). The product has undergone documented tests and holds safety certifications (UL/CE) for both the American and European markets.

For more information about BrainLit AB and their innovative lighting solutions, visit or contact: Ulf Attevik, SVP Product Management & Marketing, or +46 70 140 63 63.

About BrainLit:
BrainLit is a global leader in advanced lighting solutions and a pioneer in the field of Biocentric (circadian) lighting. By combining cutting-edge technology and scientific research, BrainLit creates solutions that promote health, well-being, and productivity in all environments. BrainLit’s innovative products and services are designed to enhance the biological impact of light, leading to improved health, performance, sleep, and overall quality of life.

About Sehlhall:
Sehlhall creates and manages modern, sustainable care properties with a human-centered approach. Sweden faces demographic challenges with a growing deficit in various community services such as preschools, group homes, and nursing homes. Sehlhall aims to contribute to solving these challenges with commitment, knowledge, and experience.

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