Arjo installs BioCentric Lighting from BrainLit in its head office

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BrainLit, based in Lund, Sweden, has signed an agreement to install its BioCentric Lighting system in the entire head office of Arjo, the global provider of medical technology with over 6000 employees in more than 100 countries. At its main office there are 170 employees and all of them will now be able to benefit from the system, which recreates the qualities of natural light indoors. With over 800 luminaires, this is one of the largest installations BrainLit currently has made.

BioCentric Lighting is the patented solution from BrainLit to solve the issue that our natural rhythm, the circadian rhythm is affected by natural light, which in the long run makes indoor work detrimental to our health. The system recreates the brightness and color of natural light, adapting to how it changes throughout the day. Several studies point to BioCentric Lighting improving sleep and thus decreasing the risk of several serious conditions.

– The demand for BioCentric Lighting increases fast as workplaces now open up for business after the initial phase of the pandemic. For us, the trust shown by Arjo in improving their working environment is extremely encouraging since they know by the heart of its business how crucial the right equipment is. Besides, this installation is demanding with many different ceiling heights in their office and it proofs one of the ideas we have had since the start; irrespective of building it shall be easy to install and put BioCentric lighting into operation, says BrainLit CEO Niclas M Olsson.

In December 2019, BrainLit raised around 11 million US dollars for its international expansion. Every workday, more than 10.000 employees all over the world enjoy the light system. By nature, most of the customers are hitherto located in Sweden, for example SOS Alarm’s emergency center in Stockholm, the neonatal ward of the Helsingborg Hospital and the SHL ice hockey team Malmö Redhawks. However, installations are rapidly growing in Finland and in the US.

For more information, please contact:

Niclas M. Olsson, CEO of BrainLit,
Tel: +46 720 255 263

About BrainLit

BrainLit was founded in 2012 in Lund by Tord Wingren, one of the inventors of the Bluetooth technology. The company provides healthy environments by recreating daylight and personally adapted light indoors (BioCentric Lighting™). To date, the company has established BioCentric environments for over 10.000 employees of customers all over the world. BrainLit is strongly focusing on growth, today engaging 25 employees in Lund with subsidiaries in New York and Helsinki. BioCentric Lighting™ is the basis of the company’s solution, resting on firmly established research and based on a number of patent groups. To improve life for people with BioCentric Lighting is the long-term objective for BrainLit.

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