BrainLit provides light for Helsingborg Hospital

Illustration: Schmidt Hammer & Lassen Architects

Helsingborg Hospital, operated by Region Skåne, installs BioCentric Lighting™ from Lund based company BrainLit AB on two floors. The vision of the hospital is to be flexible, to be able to grow over time and be focused on improving both the care provided and the working environment. BioCentric Lighting™ assists patients and staff in maintaining their natural circadian rhythms when forced to stay indoors for extended periods of time.

BioCentric Lighting™ recreates natural light conditions indoors and thus assists people in preserving their natural circadian rhythm even when staying indoors for a long time – as during an extended stay in hospital. The system is already in use in the neonatal ward of Helsingborg hospital and now, BioCentric Lighting™ will also be installed in two floors of the North wing. On these floors, the BrainLit keypads, sensors and light recipes will be applied to also control fittings from other manufacturers. The total order value is close to 2.6 million SEK.

–Region Skåne is a very important customer for us. Not only is BrainLit provided with another crucial reference of our system in challenging environments, we also have an opportunity to help both patients and staff to improve their health. This is our prime objective, to improve the wellbeing of as many as possible, says BrainLit CEO Niclas Möttus Olsson.

The application in the neonatal ward is particularly challenging. The premature children, the parents and the staff have partially different requirements when it comes to light. The children must not be exposed to light before their 26th week, the parents are in a state of severe stress and the staff works around the clock. Hence, BrainLit has installed light sources which can be regulated to a very low level and with very high quality to enable the study of the children’s subtle movements and skin changes. The staff in turn can have a light-shower, which with different recipes can be set to energize during a night shift or alleviate stress during a work shift.

–Several BrainLit customers, the neonatal ward among those, make surveys before and after the installation and notice how the staff’s wellbeing improve, particularly when it comes to the sleep. This is a wonderful confirmation of our results in controlled test environments complying with what our users tell us, says Niclas Möttus Olsson.

Natural light, which varies throughout the day, is the most important element of synchronizing the human circadian rhythm. Research shows, that lack of natural light thus may cause a number of harmful conditions as well as being detrimental to the recovery and recuperation for ill people. A well-balanced circadian rhythm, which BioCentric Lighting™ assists people to regain, benefits health and particularly improves sleep, the ability to concentrate, the immune system, energy levels and general wellbeing.

For more information, please contact:

Niclas M Olsson
CEO, BrainLit
+ 46 720 255 263

About BrainLit:

BrainLit was founded in 2012 in the famous university city of Lund by Tord Wingren, one of the inventors of the Bluetooth technology. The company provides healthy environments by recreating daylight and personally adapted light indoors. To date, the company has established biocentric environments for over 10.000 employees of customers in the world. BrainLit is strongly focusing on growth, today engaging 25 employees in Lund with subsiduaries in New York and Helsinki. BioCentric Lighting™ is the basis of the company’s solution, resting on firmly established research and based on a number of patent groups.