Biocentric lighting is in the running for the Build Back Better Awards!

We thought we couldn’t get more excited, but we were wrong! Our Biocentric lighting has also been nominated for the prestigious Build Back Better Awards in the Lighting Initiatives category! The Build Back Better Awards are an exciting initiative aimed at championing innovation, creativity, sustainability, environmental leadership, and social purpose in buildings, and to make the world a better place. The Build Back Better initiative is committed to recognizing, rewarding, and sharing these ideas and innovations so that we all can benefit from.

The Build Back Better Awards nomination is:
“A Biocentric lighting system underpinned by mathematical validation and documented results has been nominated for a Build Back Better Award.
The technology – from Swedish firm BrainLit – mimics natural daylight with the light shifting in intensity and color composition throughout the day.
Crucially, it centers on established and industry accepted metrics including m-EDI (Melanopic Equivalent Daylight Illuminance) and CS (Circadian Stimulus) to measure the light’s circadian impact and is designed to consistently deliver at least 250 lux m-EDI.
The benefits of light like this are increasingly appreciated as it optimizes sleep, alertness, concentration, metabolism, immune response, learning ability and mental health. In education it provides a calm working environment, enhancing cognitive ability and improving sleep and health, and it can lead to higher grades and test scores.”

Various lighting recipes for different environments
The Biocentric light comes with light recipes to ensure appropriate circadian influence at optimal times, tailored to settings and occupants. Light recipes are designed based on the environment and the people within it. Therefore, there are different light recipes for an office, or a school or a dementia care facility depending on the activities taking place in each setting.

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