Luminaires from BrainLit

Delivering health and well-being.

BrainLit luminaires are designed to provide light for health with all luminaires providing a very wide range of circadian impact.

All BrainLit luminaires comply with the toughest flicker standards and embrace the black body curve with exceptional color rendering while dimming smoothly.

These characteristics in combination with high luminous flux enables BrainLit ́s control system to mimic relevant aspects of daylight indoors needed to synchronize our internal clock, promoting sleep at night and making us more alert and awake during daytime.

Surface Mounts and Pendants



Ask is our best-selling luminaire and forms the basis of many installations. With a wide light spectrum between 2700K and 7300K, it creates a dynamic light environment with many possibilities.

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The BrainLit Astrid is a dynamic LED pendant that combines independently controlled task and general lighting. Placement and direction of emission allows for very high intensities (7000lm) without causing eye discomfort.

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Saga is a round Biocentric Lighting ceiling luminaire that is mounted directly to the suspended ceiling or suspended with wires. The options make Saga a popular luminaire for many different spaces.

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Balder is a bright pendant luminaire in a stylish design. The hollow shape means that it is almost perceived as floating. Balder is a perfect alternative for lounge-like environments, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, etc.

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Spotlights, Tracklights and Downlights


Vili is a powerful yet discreet, tiltable, dynamic, recessed LED spot light that brings life and contrast to any room. It provides balance to the emotional experience of a space. 

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