BrainLit shares patent for UV disinfection

Article originally written in Swedish by Emiliano Strauss on Rapidus – Read article in Swedish

BrainLit brings life into a previously unused part of its patent portfolios for a UV light system, that can kill viruses and bacteria.

The company from Lund, Sweden, is now looking for partners in the US who can quickly launch the product on the global market.

– We usually express ourselves in terms of creating healthy environments through use of light. In 2017, we filed a patent application for a combination of healthy light and UVC rays that are harmful for viruses and bacteria. 

The UV light is divided into different categories depending on wavelength, and the UVC rays used by BrainLit, are the ones with the shortest wavelength. The fact that UVC light can kill viruses and bacteria is not news, nor the harmfulness to humans. BrainLit´s system should therefore only be activated where and when it is safe, using sensors to recognize empty areas. 

We are now looking for new areas for our technology and are ready to share our patents with those who can reach the market quickly. We do not want to profit from the crisis and have several ongoing discussions in the US with major players. There will likely be a closure within the near future, says the CEO of BrainLit.

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