With our sets you will get Biocentric lighting for a specific space. The sets contain light recipes customized for the users. In addition, the sets are easy to expand and easy to install.

Ask room lighting set

For meeting rooms

Saga table lighting set

For meeting rooms

Room sets

Room sets provide a specified circadian effective lighting for its users. In addition room sets provide people in a room with a visually complete light environment. With room sets, you will achieve a balanced brightness and pleasant dynamics throughout the room, without adding other light sources.

Table sets

With table sets, you can get circadian impact light for a specific space within a room. You then have more flexibility to design the visual light environment for the entire room, for instance to combine with other light sources. Table sets can thus make up a smaller part of a complete light design.

How does it work?

The light recipes in our sets ensure you get the right light at the appropriate time for your circadian system. Generally this means high circadian impact before lunch for an extended time and low circadian impact as you approach bed time. The light recipe controls the light to gradually and unnoticeably vary across the day in intensity and colour appearance to be perceived as daylight variation. It will provide the appropriate circadian impact at the right time for circadian alignment; to benefit alertness during the day and good sleep quality at night.

Looking for more resources?

Find installation instructions and more here.