Our free-standing solution Alven gives you access to Biocentric lighting – even indoors – so that you sleep, work and feel better. Simply plug it in and enjoy the light, or use the app to give yourself a boost.

Discover your rhythm

  • AutoLit is the standard setting designed to help maintain your natural circadian rhythm.
  • Boost provides a higher intensity light which helps you feel more alert.
  • Relax creates a calm environment with light that is more neutral to your eyes.

Light for health & well-being

Daylight exposure affects your health. Light is essential to help your body function properly – to support your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm regulates your sleep, body temperature, metabolism and the production of hormones.

A disturbed circadian rhythm can have many negative effects, including difficulty falling asleep, a weakened immune system and an increased risk of infections and cancer.

With light, you can restore and sustain your natural circadian rhythm. Spending a few hours in the early day outdoors helps support a healthy circadian rhythm.

Why is daylight important?

There are two pathways for light inside our brain, a visual and a non-visual path. These pathways are sensitive to different properties of light. Our circadian rhythm uses light signals from the non-visual path to synchronize the body with the solar day. This is vital to help our body function. Biocentric lighting is not only good visual light but also considers the most critical aspects of the non-visual pathways. 

Biocentric lighting brings daylight indoors. By synchronizing your body with the solar day, you can benefit from improved sleep, higher productivity and better well-being – even if you spend most of your day indoors.

"Both Oura and Garmin show measurable results! Both my sleep score and readiness score are improving, and so is my performance. So, it is not just “smart light” it is a completely new way to look at lighting as a performance improving tool."
Sari Kola
Entrepreneur & Author
Sari Kola


By dynamically adjusting its color temperature, Alven transforms the ambiance of its surroundings while promoting circadian alignment. Use the keypad or download the app to access different light recipes.

Plug and play

Plug in Alven on your own and enjoy the light immediately. With light recipes, you can get the light you need for different occasions. For instance, to get an energy boost before a meeting or to wind down at the end of the day.


Alven can be connected to BrainLit cloud, ensuring automatic software updates and giving you access to new functionality in alignment with the latest scientific developments.

Key features

For offices

Improvements in productivity, cognition and sleep are beneficial for large corporations and small businesses alike. With Alven, healthy light is an easy addition to the home office.

For sports

Improve performance, energy levels and sleep with Alven. Use the light at home to align peak performance times or in lounges to promote recovery in between games.

Alven in elderly care

For healthcare

Ensure a stable circadian rhythm for patients who spend the majority of their days indoors. Place Alven in patient rooms or common areas to provide multiple users with healthy light.