Our people

BrainLit employs 30+ people who all have a passion for our mission of delivering healthy light indoors. Our headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. Our North American team is based in New York, USA.

Management team

Kyle Harris

Kyle Harris

20 years experience in large B2B sales and early-stage technology commercialization.
Erik Sundqvist

Erik Sundqvist

Several years of experience as CFO in both listed and unlisted growth companies. B.Sc. Business Administration & Finance.
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Jakob Singvall

20 years of experience as System Architect in high tech R&D. M.Sc. Electrical Engineering.

Christian Loftorp

VP Supply Chain
25 years experience of international business in leading positions within Production, Supply chain, Trade compliance, and Management. M.Sc Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.
Nils Gautam

Nils Gautam

Product Manager
20 years experience of international business within product management and product development. M.Sc Industrial Engineering and Management, MBA.
Carin Paulsson

Carin Paulsson

Growth Marketing Director
20+ years of experience in marketing, communication, sales, and leadership. MBA.

Board of Directors

Peter Johansson

Peter Johansson

Chairman of the board
20+ years of experience from CEO positions in Europe and Asia, including head of Ericsson Joint Venture and US company Emerson Energy Systems in China, as well as Schneider Electric Buildings and Nasdaq-listed Image Systems.
Ola Möllerström

Ola Möllerström

Board member
CMO and Deputy CEO of IT consultant group Sigma Connectivity, with its HQ in Lund, Sweden. Active investor in startups such as OptiCept and SensoDetect.

Peter K. Andersson

Board member
More than 30 years of experience in leading positions within the IT and electronics industry. Bachelor of Science.

Peter Strand

Board member
CEO of Swedish Logistics Property AB, Board member of Diös Fastigheter AB (publ), Adma Förvaltning AB, Fridam AB Invest and Fridam AB. Former Chairman of Victoria Park (publ), CEO Victoria Park AB (publ).

Johan Glennmo

Board member
CEO at Danir. Chairman of InfoTech Scandinavia AB. Board member of Sigma AB and FC Rosengård.

Amy Runevad

Board member
Multiple years of experience in leading program / project management, purchasing and operations.

Scientific Advisory Board

To secure that what we do is aligned with cutting edge technological and medicinal research.


Klas Sjöberg

Chairman of the Scientific Board
PhD. Consultant and Associate Professor at the Gastro Clinic at Skåne University Hospital.

Thorbjörn Laike

Member of the Scientific Board
PhD. Professor of Environmental Psychology at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University.

Lennart Minthon

Member of the Scientific Board
PhD. Professor at Lund University, MultiPark: Multidisciplinary research on Alzheimer’s disease. Founder of Minneskliniken. Co-founder of companies focussing on dementia care

Tord Wingren

Founder, Innovations, Strategy & Partnerships
More than 30 years’ experience within IT and communication industry. Pioneered Bluetooth by writing its first specification. Innovator and patent initiator of BrainLit’s basic patents. M.Sc Electrical Engineering.

Lars Samuelson

Member of the Scientific Board
PhD. Professor of Semiconductor Electronics at Lund University. Awarded the “Einstein Professorship” by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Appointed Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Madeleine Selvander

Member of the Scientific Board
PhD. Ophthalmologist. Former senior consultant at Skåne University Hospital. Head of private ophthalmology clinic Sundets Ögonläkare.

Commercial Advisory Board

Enabling sustainable growth for both BrainLit and our customers.

Anders Runevad

Member of the Commercial Advisory Board
CEO of Vestas Wind Systems. Deputy Chairman of the Board of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. Board Member of Schneider Electric and Nilfisk.

Bert Nordberg

Chairman of Commercial Advisory Board
Co-founder of Sigma Connectivity. Chairman of the Board of Vestas Wind Systems and TDC. Board Member of Vårdinnovation, Essity, SCA and SSAB.

Magnus Mandersson

Member of the Commercial Advisory Board
Chairman of Next Biometrics Group and Karnov Group. Board member of Interogo (IKEA), InterIkea Systems and Albert Immo Holding.