It’s not just a light; it’s an IoT lighting system.

BrainLit offers a range of system packages that deliver BioCentric Lighting™ and ancillary services, all of which are designed with the user’s existing needs and future goals in mind. 

BrainLit ceiling panel


BioCentric Lighting (BCL)™ systems include our integrated solutions  BrainLit Elven  as well as our free-standing solution  BrainLit Alven. 

Integrated solutions consists of a combination of luminaires, control systems, and sensors, meeting the highest requirements on technical system and algorithm processing capabilities, such as system optimization, latency and accuracy.  

Services and features

BioCentric Lighting™ services include technical services, enterprise services, information services, user services such as our BrainLit app – as well as products; light recipes and sensors.  

BrainLit’s proprietary light recipes prescribe and specifies the light each luminaire emits at any point in time. 

Sensor data can be used to adjust the light exposure to meet customer needs, and in the future to adjust light recipes to match a given user’s target light profile. The concept of personalized light through individual light recipes is covered by BrainLit’s global IPR portfolio. 

Light for health and well-being

BrainLit’s patented BioCentric Lighting™ system includes luminaires, drivers, sensors, and algorithm-based light recipes that have the capability to address different user needs and different times of day. 

A scalable and flexible solution

From a deployment and maintenance perspective, our lighting solutions scale effortlessly. Increased size does not have to translate into increased complexity.  

Luminaires that meet the highest standards

All BrainLit luminaires meet Pst LM ≤ 1, SVM ≤ 0.4 and IEEE 1789 in the entire dynamic range to ensure no harmful light flicker and exceeds CRI Ra 90 for natural color rendering.

Future proof technology

BrainLit lighting systems are all designed to be future-proof. Our systems are all possible to connect to the BrainLit Cloud for software updates, and we utilize highly-specified, long-life hardware that can replicate any light environment required. 


We are passionate about ensuring our high-value healthy lighting technology is accessible to an audience as wide as possible. Our pricing structure ensures significant economic ROI for customers world-wide. 

The science of light

Increasing amounts of research support the importance of daylight for our sleep, alertness, cognitive performance, and overall health.  

BioCentric Lighting™ simulates the most important aspects of daylight to help you sustain a healthy circadian rhythm.