BrainLit Alven on wheels

BrainLit Alven on wheels has the same functionality and appearance as BrainLit Alven, and is easier to move around.

31 995 SEK
Inkl. moms.


BioCentric Lighting™ in a plug and play format. BrainLit Alven transforms the ambiance of its surroundings while promoting circadian alignment.

Download the app to control the light via Bluetooth. BrainLit Alven can also be connected to BrainLit cloud, ensuring automatic software updates and giving you access to new functionality in alignment with the latest scientific developments.

Height: 199 cm
Width: 71 cm
Depth: 68 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Length of cord: 200 cm

Lumen output: 6400lm
Typical mDER max: 96%
Typical mDER min: 45%
Light source type: Optimized LED
LED Color temperature: 2700-6500K
CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra > 90 across range
Beam angle: 110°
Dimming range: 1% - 100%
Flicker handling: Compliant with IEEE1789 low or no risk, PstLM <1 and SVM <0.4 in the entire dimming range
Maximum rated power: 120W
Supply voltage range: 120-250V
Supply power frequency: 50/60Hz
Power supply: Wall plug

Color: White matte
Material: Aluminium + PMMA

Product-ID (article number): 100043
Series: Alven


Here’s everything you need to know about BrainLit Alven.

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