A brilliant idea – daylight indoors light the Redhawks

Article originally written in Swedish by Kent Leijon Jönsson on Sydsvenskan – Read article in Swedish

Bright lighting that mimic daylight indoors light Malmö Redhawks. – The tiredness and drowsiness caused by being in the same room for a long time is practically gone, says goalkeeper Oscar Alsenfelt.

Victor Backman and Oscar Alsenfelt are viewing the new light. Image: Christian Örnberg

Malmö Redhawks players spend most of their workday indoors. Often in windowless environments within the arena – such as the dressing room and the gym. The new lighting was installed at the beginning of the new year, in these spaces.

– The light is strong, but it becomes a habit, says Oscar Alsenfelt.

The Corona pandemic caused the hockey season to be cancelled and fitness coach Freddie Sjögren believes that the Redhawks did not get the chance to experience the benefits of the lighting technology.

– But we hope to be able to do so in the coming season. I think the light will be especially beneficial to recovery, says Freddie Sjögren.

Do you notice any effect yourself?

– Yes, I spend a lot of time in here. I do not walk around anymore yawning and feeling tired, says Freddie Sjögren.

The technology behind Malmö Redhawk’s lighting system is developed by the Lund based company Brainlit, which is based on the understanding that light is the most central factor in influencing the circadian rhythm – our circadian rhythm. This is sometimes referred to as our biological clock. The lighting system contains sensors and algorithms that control luminaires according to the team’s need of daylight.

“We have a Swedish patented technology for recreating daylight indoors. It has a huge impact on athletes. Especially athletes who practice their sport indoors”, says Niclas Möttus Olsson, CEO of Brainlit. Some people perform best in the morning, others in the evening. The problem in team sports is that everyone in a team does not perform their best at the same time. “With our technology, we can ensure that everyone gets the same energy boost at the same time. Our system boosts their hormone production”, says Niclas Möttus Olsson.

According to Niclas Möttus Olsson, Malmö Redhawks is not the only player in the sports industry who has been interested in the company’s product. “We are currently working with two Formula 1 teams, who are looking at the technology. We are also installing our technology in Helsinki, at the KHL club Jokerit”, says Niclas Möttus Olsson.

Patrik Sylvegård, CEO and Sports Manager of the Malmö Redhawks, believes that the stronger lighting has been an adjustment for the players.

– In the beginning it was almost like a shock to them, it was a completely different light. It takes some time to get used to it. But the guys are really happy. It’s like night and day, says Patrik Sylvegård.

Freddie Sjögren talks about how the lighting technology can be adjusted if needed.

– There is a boost effect that we can use during breaks, which are switched off immediately when the players enter the dressing room after the game. Another light setting is used to calm them down after the game is finished, says Freddie Sjögren.

Patrik Sylvegård is excited about the idea of a full-fledged Malmö team, but everything should be measured on the ice as well.

– At the end of the day, it’s about winning games, he says. Who knows – a stronger light might help Malmö Redhawks score a few extra points in the battle of table placements.

This article was published on Sydsvenskan on 2 June 2020 and was originally written in Swedish by Kent Leijon Jönsson.

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