BrainLit provides an holistic solution to improve people’s lives. Whether in offices, hotels, emergency centers, call centers, banks, hospitals or different organizations - we bring daylight indoors. Our stories is a collection of scientific studies and customer references that have shaped BrainLit BioCentric Lighting™.

A few of our customers

Innovation Skåne, Innovation firm
Cygate, Consulting firm
Castellum, Real Estate firm

Memory Clinic, Malmö
Neonatal Ward, Helsingborg's Hospital
Mårtenslund Elderly Care, Lund

Hotell Skansen, Båstad
Elite Hotel Marina Plaza
Elite Stadshotellet, Karlstad

Tornahem Real Estate
HeadOn Salon
Gent Barbershop

Lindeborg's School, Malmö
Neptun Preschool, Malmö





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"Daylight and its impact on our health"

Talk by Associate Professor Klas Sjöberg.

Watch the video where Klas Sjöberg, member of our Scientific Advisory Board, explains the impact daylight has on our health and well-being.


Interview with Klas Sjöberg

Klas Sjöberg explains dynamic lighting and how to use it.

Watch the interview with Klas Sjöberg, member of our Scientific Advisory Board, at the Ideon Science breakfast.


”Why do we sleep so poorly?”

Belgian documentary featuring BrainLit lighting.

Watch the documentary highlighting our human dependance on daylight and why good lighting is important for our well-being and sleep quality.


”The Effect of a Dynamic LED Light Intervention on Sleep Quality of Adolescent Students”

Master thesis including a study on children at Lindeborg’s School where BrainLit BioCentric Lighting™ is installed.

During the fall of 2015, BrainLit’s lighting solutions were installed in a classroom at Lindeborg’s School in Malmö. Sweden. Objective measurements of students’ sleeping patterns were made using smart bracelets. Results show an improved sleep amongst students after spending time in the new lighting environment. The study shows a significant connection between our dynamic LED-lighting and improved sleep.


”BrainLit does dynamic lighting”

BrainLit’s CDO Peter K. Andersson interview with Svenska Möten.

Read the article where Peter K. Andersson talks about how factors such as sleep and efficiency are affected by lighting.


Neonatal Ward, Helsingborg Hospital

The brochure summarizes how the BioCentric Lighting environment is used in the neonatal ward.

One of our most important projects has been to provide a healthier lighting environment for premature babies, their parents and hospital staff at Helsingborg Hospital. The Swedish brochure explains the customized lighting library and how it simultaneously protects the babies’ eyes as well as provide better sight for personell.


”Spring light indoors. Everyday, all year round.”

Swedish news article on BrainLit’s lighting in a residential apartment.

The article introduces the first residential living space with a dynamic lighting environment. The project was a cooperative project by BrainLit, Lund University and Tornahem Residential.


New intelligent lighting at Elite Hotel Marina Plaza

Press release from Elite Hotels installment of BioCentric Lighting™.

The new lighting was installed at the hotel in Helsingborg to provide a healthier and more comfortable environment for conference guests.


"Elderly care with daylight indoors”.

Read the article about the first elderly care facility in Sweden to install BCL.

Mårtenslund Elderly Care benefit from mimicked daylight indoors to improve patients’ health and staff efficiency.


”Students get better results from studying in daylight”

Read the Swedish article from SVT featuring students and their experiences in school after BrainLit BioCentric Lighting™ was installed.

Lindeborg’s School students improved both productivity and sleep after spending time in BCL.

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