Light for every environment.

BrainLit Elven™ is a fixed installation lighting system which promotes well-being using BioCentric Lighting™ in any environment. The system scales effortlessly and allows full user flexibility, which makes it easy to use in a variety of environment including offices, hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Ceiling luminaire Balder

What is it?

BrainLit Elven is a locally installed enterprise light system which delivers BioCentric Lighting™ in any indoor environment. BrainLit Elven is designed using four core components;

Ceiling luminaire Balder

Key features

How does it work?

Light recipes represent “the intelligence” in BrainLit Elven, specifying the light each luminaire emits at any point in time. AutoLit is the default recipe designed to mimic a “normal” solar day, with sunrise at 7am and sunset at 5.30pm – although this can be adapted and updated according to user location and preference – enabling effective and healthy stimulation for all.

"During the morning and office hours, I was more energic and productive. During the nights, I was getting more sound and restful sleep."
Eeva Hayashi
Head of Business & Partner Development, SONY