BrainLit light environments create happier and safer workplaces to improve employee health. Our light environments are customized to meet the needs of both customers and businesses, creating seamless solutions that works for everyone . Explore the possibilities and develop a BioCentric solution today.


Lighting is a crucial part of the work environment which contributes to well-being and work efficiency. We help professional workplaces to improve task efficiency and employee comfort. Our intelligent lighting systems are also compatible with other systems, such as AV-, ventilation and heating systems.

The mimicked daylight in BioCentric Lighting™ is customized for the needs of staff and businesses. In an environment of natural light, staff members feel better, see higher levels of concentration and find it easier to focus on tasks. Proper lighting ergonomics reduce tension in eyes, neck, and shoulders, and has been shown to ease headaches for some customers. Specialized solutions are created for different office environments, as well as the opportunity for employees to personalize their own office light best suited to their work.

Natural light helps employees focus on tasks


In BrainLit’s light environments you feel sharp and fresh throughout the day. Conference participants and hotel staff maintain the required levels of energy to focus on tasks and achieve the best possible results.

The Swedish meeting industry, including congresses, conferences, business meetings, and company events outside office hours, generates around 125 billion SEK per year (2013). Most conferences, meetings, and events take place during fall and winter, the darker seasons of the year, and so have a greater need for daylight. In windowless kitchens and staff rooms, daylight is very limited. Throughout the day, staff and visitors are provided with a natural light environment which preserves diurnal rhythm, enabling faster recovery, increased energy, and higher efficiency. AutoLit recipes automatically maintain natural daylight variations in intensity and saturation. Lighting can easily be altered to suit specific activities, such as different tasks in a conference room, via a touch screen or keypad.


Students and personnel benefit from lighting conditions that yield well-being and improve results. For children with special needs, adapted light environments help enhance learning capabilities. Children are particularly sensitive to different light environments and especially benefit from personalized lighting environment which cater to their needs.

The BCL lighting system is customized to suit the needs of students of all ages, along with personnel, ensuring a comfortable environment. Access to daylight indoors is crucial for students during the darker months of the year when the hours of natural daylight are fewer. Today children spend about 85 % of their time indoors. Activities during the school day often take place indoors, providing little opportunity to enjoy daylight outdoors. Improved access to daylight or mimicked daylight through BCL can enhance the overall health and energy levels. Research in light conditions has shown that a color spectrum can be conducive to optimize learning conditions for children with special needs. Therefore, light environments can be adapted to enhance learning capabilities for the needs of all children. In Lindeborg's School in Malmö, light recipes has been designed for different classes to increase creativity and focus.

Personell can easily adjust light conditions via a touch screen or keypad to ensure that light is adapted to classroom activities. Blue light is designed for activities with high demands on focus and concentration, whereas a red light is best for developing creativity and cooperation. In preschools, a warmer light welcomes children and parents during the morning and is designed to encourage a calm environment. At Neptun Preschool in Malmö, the premises have few windows and therefore limited access to daylight. Profiling itself in natural sciences and digitalization, the preschool manager believed the BioCentric Lighting™ solution could improve the environment for both children and staff. Specialized light scenarios have been developed with the help of preschool teachers, and some of the rooms have been configured with a schedule to fit with ongoing activities.

Health and Elderly Care

In care facilities, it is usual for people to spend the majority of time indoors. People with an advanced age need a more intensive light to aid vision, and exposure to sufficient daylight is important in stimulating the diurnal rhythm. BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ solution is especially beneficial in elderly care due to the failing vision of patients and their limited ability to absorb light.

One of the biggest challenges with light in healthcare is the adaptability of the light solution to a workplace where multiple activities require different solutions for different rooms. Our BCL system is easily customized according to the unique needs of the healthcare industry. The light environment provides patients and residents with the daylight that they need each day, regardless of season, and leads to an increased sense of wakefulness during the day. This results in an improvement of sleep quality and consequently reduces the need for some medications, such as sleeping pills.

Safer environments for patients and staff

Healthcare personnel and staff in elderly care often work in shifts, which can result in sleep disruptions. Both the quality of sleep and recovery time is improved with our natural light environments. At Mårtenslund Elderly Care, a light shower was installed where the employees can get a 20-minute energy boost when working night shifts. The night shift becomes safer as the staff feels fresh and alert, minimizing the risk of human error.

Helsingborg Hospital is the first hospital in Sweden to implement the BioCentric Lighting™ system. BrainLit took part in the Lighting Metropolis project which made it possible for new light environments at the Neonatal Ward so parents and children can have a pleasant stay at the neonatal ward. The light environments are developed based on the needs of the children, and at the same time create optimized working conditions for the personnel. The most sensitive children can react differently to the same level of light, and the personnel can control and monitor what's best for the child.


In the modern, high-tech industries of today, precision and safety are two of the most highly prioritized issues. Our advanced natural light environments provide the appropriate conditions for a safe and secure workplace. With our BioCentric Lighting™ system solution, staff is healthier, employee turnover has reduced, and the employer appeal has increased.

Industrial premises are often windowless; consequentially employees cannot access the daylight that is needed for focus during specialized work tasks. Our natural light environment with BioCentric Lighting™ provides staff with the natural daylight they require. This light would otherwise be difficult to provide in industrial premises, particularly during the darker months of the year.

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Percentage of staff members who feel like lighting is both insufficient and a forgotten issue in their workplace.

Industrial workplaces require numerous solutions for different locations with specialized layouts. Our dynamic lighting system can be adapted to the special requirements of the industrial sector, providing correct lighting conditions and safe environments. The light solution provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment, allowing personnel to focus on their task and retain energy, despite potentially unsociable hours of work. These tasks require a much higher level of concentration and wakefulness.

Shift work is a common practice in the industrial sector. It is widely known that this has a negative effect on sleep quality and the diurnal rhythm. Many employees who have worked night shifts develop sleep issues as they age. In addition, drowsiness at work lead to human error. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster and space shuttle Challenger accident are both thought to have been caused by poor judgement as a result of extended shift work and loss of vigilance. Working night shifts becomes easier and safer when employees are wide awake. Our BioCentric Lighting™ solutions create working environments that stabilizes the diurnal rhythm. A stable diurnal rhythm helps to increase the quality of sleep and enhances the recovery process of the body. This results in an increased number of employees attending work and fewer instances of sick leave.

New Ventures

The possible scope for BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environments with mimicked daylight indoors is extensive and exciting. We are expanding to B2C related areas such as salons but also stepping foot into residential prospects and sports industries.

There is a growing interest in the use of light to improve athletic performance. As an athlete’s unique circadian rhythm affects individual performance, light can be used to modulate this rhythm as well as having direct beneficial effect on alertness and wellbeing. Light showers that provide high intensity cold white light may also be used to activate and boost energy. For elite athletes who travel frequently and shift between different time zones, light can be one measure to help to readjust the body’s clock. This field of research is still evolving and new findings provide understandings of the beneficial effects of light for athletic performance and wellbeing. The BCL™ system is easily adaptable to meet these new insights.

Light may be used to activate and boost energy


Tornahem is a Swedish real estate company. In one of their apartments available for short-time rentals located in Lund, Sweden, BioCentric Lighting™ was installed. Today, residents live in the apartment full-time. BCL is completely integrated with the TV, sound and alarm system. The system remembers usage patterns and automatically maintains it, even when residents are away. This can reduce the risk of burglary.


At HeadOn, a hairdressing salon, the new BioCentric Lighting™ provides an enjoyable environment for both customers and personnel. The light minimizes shadows and illuminates the colors of the hair, allowing the stylist to see the correct hue in a neutral light.

Gent barbershop provides its customers and staff with natural daylight by BioCentric Lighting™. The lighting system is customized to suit 30-, 60-, or 90-minute treatments and supplies the customers with light therapy. It also enhances work efficiency and precision as well as improves the barbers’ energy levels both at work and at home. The light is also used to enhance product marketing and is customized depending on current promotions.

”The business remains healthy as long as our personnel stays healthy.”

- owner of HeadOn.