BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL) mimic natural daylight indoors. BCL is tailored to the circadian light sensitive system and provides light for health as opposed to light for sight, which is HCL and other conventional LED solutions. BCL environments include sensors and algorithm based recipes, light recipes, to adapt to different users, occupations and times of day.

Circadian rhythms – often referred to as the “biological clock” – regulate our wellbeing, alertness and sleep. When we spend most of our time indoors, our circadian rhythms fail to synchronize without exposure to sunlight. This affects our production of cortisol and melatonin. The solution is the BCL™ System – BioCentric Lighting™ invented by BrainLit – an intelligent lighting network solution mimicking natural daylight indoors to sustain the circadian rhythms.

Outcomes for users include improved wellbeing, higher productivity and higher levels of staff engagement and retainment. Owners benefit from lower installment and maintenance costs alongside an increased user flexibility.

Placing an order

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No, it doesn’t have to be more expensive than traditional high quality lighting. The system is easy to install and minimally disruptive to business. Being energy efficient, sustainable and easy to maintain, the BCL™ System is scalable and works equally well in a single room as for an entire building, compound or network. Your cost might even be lower than for a traditional lighting solution. Contact us for any enquiries.

We are primarily B2B focused to provide companies with system based lighting solutions. If you have an enquiry, please contact us.

We offer a 5 year guarantee on our products.

About BrainLit

We are a privately owned company with about 125 shareholders, most of whom have invested in us privately because they share our passion for Biocentric lighting.

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We take pride in acting responsibly in everything we do, helping customers improving their businesses in sustainable ways. Our light systems have a 50,000 hour life span amounting to approximately 14 years of use. Furthermore, we agree with United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also referred to as Agenda 2030), following a set of guidelines to help us act in sustainable ways when it comes to the social, economic and climate aspects of creating growth in responsible ways. Read more about our efforts below.