Peter Emilson

In early June 2020, Peter Emilson read an article in local newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet about the hockey team Malmö Redhawks and how they use a revolutionary new lighting system to improve performance. Today, he is BrainLit’s head of sales for all of Scandinavia, with the vision of making BioCentric Lighting a world standard by using sales and service partners to meet the ever-increasing customer demand.

–When I first read about BioCentric Lighting I found it incredibly exciting, so I went to BrainLit’s website to learn more about it. By pure coincidence, shortly thereafter a recruiter was looking for a head of sales for the same company. The combination of cutting-edge technology and healthcare was irresistible for someone with my background, Emilson said. 

Co-operating with sales and service partners

 The company he joined is growing rapidly, with demand from many different sectors. BrainLit’s strategy is to expand its market presence without growing a massive internal sales force itself. 

–To reach the full potential of BrainLit, we will increase our co-operation with sales and service partners who can cover a large market with BioCentric Lighting. Our primary mission is to develop the system itself and supply our partners and customers with the technical know-how to maximize their experience, Peter Emilson said. 

– I have worked with many famous global brands, but nothing had prepared me for working with a system with such an obvious and immediate effect.

Emilson has a thorough understanding of the sales process itself, being a veteran of sales in several different businesses as diverse as beverages, mattresses and even a virtual cell phone operator. Before he discovered BrainLit, he was self-employed as a senior advisor to companies in need of expertise on how to grow their businesses operationally and strategically in the international market. 

An enjoyable work environment

–I have worked with many famous global brands, but nothing had prepared me for working with a system with such an obvious and immediate effect. As soon as I started working in the BrainLit office with BioCentric Lighting all around me, I started sleeping better at night. The first few weeks in a new position at a new employer can be tiring with a lot to learn, so I was wondering when fatigue would start to hit me in the afternoons – but it never did thanks to the light, Emilson stated.  

Now, BioCentric Lighting is not only all around him at his new workplace, he also uses BrainLit Alven (internal link to Alven page) at home where he can enjoy the same personal light as in the office. 

–During the pandemic, my wife started working from home and she experienced the same results from BioCentric Lighting as I did. In the evenings, we get tired earlier instead of feeling stressed and can have a better night’s sleep. This is similar to what we were told as kids – go outside and play in the fresh air, except we can now stay indoors and play in the fresh light of day from BioCentric Lighting, Emilson concludes.